Contemporary jewelry designer Katerina Musetti searches the globe in quest of the most lustrous pearls, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, art glass cabochons and other out of production vintage elements for her Haute Couture line of jewelry. The designer handcrafts these scarce materials into stunning 18K gold-plated masterpieces one piece at a time with meticulous attention to elemental detail. The collection includes exuberant collars, curvaceous cuffs, sultry link bracelets and bangles, dazzling earrings, dimensional brooches and cocktail rings in Limited Editions and One-of-a-kind issues. Each colorful and vibrant piece of jewelry is a work of art exemplifying the high standards of contemporary couture design, quality and style.

Known for her dynamic and formidable eye as a colorist, her work has caught the attention of Fashion Icons, Performing Artists, Pageant Queens, Authors, Stylists and Designers. Balancing classical, contemporary and old world charm, Musetti achieves success in design by melding antiquarian components into a kaleidoscopic tapestry of ever changing prismatic hues. Her provocative creations play with the juxtaposition of radically beautiful art glass stones in coral, jade, turquoise, flawed bombe emeralds, rubies and sapphires combined with vintage Swarovski crystals offering a bold display of color, texture and dimensionality that test the boundaries of "wearable art."

-Melinda L. Lewis (Author of The Napier Co.)

As featured in Fashion Jewelry: The Collection of Barbara Berger exhibit at the Museum of Arts & Design 2013- KM116 Pictured Far Right